Our Vision is to be a lifelong learning companion to help students remember the information that matters.

Our Values


Digesting massive amounts of content can be overwhelming. We help you identify and remember the most important stuff.


None of us can be experts in everything we do. By working together we can build a smarter and happier world.


We care deeply about those who surround us and aim to make a difference in their lives by giving them access to the learning methods they deserve.


Our Story

Learning Bytes.

Our mission is to make learning fun and help students become the best version of themselves.

Memory Science was born out of a series of neuroscience patents acquired by 2M, our benefactor, in 2014. Our team repackaged these concepts with the belief that we could help students remember the key information that they need to know to get where they want to go in school, and in life.

2M is the family office of Morton Meyerson, and the incubator that drives everything we do at Memory Science. We’re both based out of Dallas, and strive to do well by doing good. That is, building companies that are successful through doing a service to our community. Memory Science strives to be a tool that can help everyone remember the things that matter in their life.

We have just begun our ‘startup with a story’. But we are off to a fast start!  Students are raving about the grade improvement, teachers are creating their own class specific neuro note supplements, content houses are signing on to differentiate, and we are integrating with a fantastic ecosystem of ed tech innovators. If you share our vision we would love to hear from you!

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